The great Chinese teacher Confucius said

     "It is a pleasure to have talented young people to teach".

I use Canvas for teaching: course syllabus, hw, lecture notes, and class daily/weekly announcements, etc. all will be on Canvas. Lectures will be in scheduled classrooms. Office hours and appointments are all in my office Science Hall 259. Students should check Canvas daily.

 Courses taught in NMSU

2016 Fall: Math 481/525 - Advanced Linear Algebra (graduate course),  Math 392 - Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations

2016 Spring: Stat 535 - Elementary Stochastic Process (graduate course)
2015 Fall: Math 392 - Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
2015 Spring: Math 291 - Multivariable Calcaclus and Analytical Geometry
                          Stat 562 - Foundation of Probability (graduate course)
2014 Fall:  Math 291 - Multivariable Calcaclus and Analytical Geometry

Courses taught in WM (all undergraduate courses)
      Math 111 Calculus I,  Math 112, Calculus II, Math 212 Multivariable Calculus,
      Math 213 Multivariable Cal for Sicence and Math (4 hours lecture), Math 310 Mathematics Writing
      Math 302 Introduction to Differential Equations, Math 345 Introduction to Mathematical Biology
      Math 410-01 Topics in Mathematical Biology, Math 410-02 Topics in Differential equations
      Math 426 Topology, Math 495 Honors, Math 496 Honors

Teaching in MBI
 Taught computer simulation for the MBI Summer Education Program and led a project group of the Summer Education Program in 2006

Courses taught in UC Riverside as a TA
      Graduate courses: Real Analysis (Math 205C), Differential Topology (Math 209C)
      Undergraduate Courses:
      Math009A, Math009B, Math009C - First-Year Calculus; Math010A, Math010B - Calculus of Several  Variables
      Math023 - Applied Matrix Algebra, Math113 - Applied Linear Algebra, Math133 - Geometry
      Math138A, Math138B - Introduction to Differential Geometry; Math171 - Introduction to Modern Algebra
      Math149B, Math149C - Probability and Mathematical Statistics
      Math146A, Math146B, Math146C - Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

     Ph.D Students

    Tuan Phan, 2016 summer ---
     Ulrich Kemmo Tsafack, 2016 spring ---

     Master Students  

     Fredrick Ayivor, 2015 fall ---

    Visiting Scholars

     Wei Wang, Jan 2016 to Jan 2017, from Xi'an Shiyou University

     Postdoctoral researchers
      Anne Fernando (2008-09) , now is a faculty member in Norfolk State University. 

      Undergraduate research or honor students in WM
      Dian Yang, Brian Waldman, Carolyn Ayers, Carolyn Troha, Daniel Hariprasad, Thomas J Wallin, Kendall Stone


     Notice: I am recruiting graduate students and postdocs currently.

     08/16/2016 updated

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