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Junjian Paul Tian

Arts and Sciences

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(575) 646-2323
SH 259

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Expertise: Mathematics, Poetry


I was trained as a topologist, low dimensional topology. I did some work about invariants of knots and 3-manifolds using Hopf algebras, and representations of braid groups. I was also interested in biology, particular genetics, because my wife asked some questions when we were in graduate schools. I defined a new algebra, evolution algebra, as a version of genetic algebra for non-Mendelian genetics, and colored coalescent theory. Encouraged by my thesis committee, I wrote evolution algebra as my thesis, then moved to applied mathematics and postdoc training was in mathematical biology. 

My current research interest is developing mathematical tools including PDEs, ODEs, SDEs, and probability models for studying biological and medical problems. I have been working with several biological and medical researchers to answer their questions, and I also enjoy working with students in research questions they are interested in. 

As published poems in middle school, I am still writing poems. Instead of free style, I write poems in classical style, those classic formats or templates were established more than one thousand years ago.      

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